Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, the Thanksgiving Day hoopla is over and I must say it was a bit unconventional for me, but I learned about what I am truly thankful for. Leighton cooked dineer for the 3 of us and it was perfect in its simplicity. We had a quiet day, but I tried venturing out on Black Friday and quickly hustled back home! The roadways were bumper-to-bumper and after the first store not having what I wanted, I promptly came home and ordered all my Christmas gifts on-line! I am grateful for the internet and the peace and quiet of home!

Pop and Nancy are on their way to NYC, then Italy to spend the holidays with Jennifer and the boys. I feel it was God's plan that I was able to spend a couple of days with them as we ironed out a lot of past hurts and disappointments. I feel a heavy burden has been lifted. It was very cathartic and I recommend this method of putting things that haunt you on the table to straighten out. They will NOT repair themselves. It takes work and prayer and finesse, but it has many rewards. This is my gratitude subject for this post...

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